Dear Reader,

Let me just start off by saying Thank You. We know you could be browsing a billion other things between Reddit and Twitter, but you're here taking time to read our website and stories. We are glad you are here and supporting our work!

I wanted to let you know about who we are and why we are doing what we're doing:

Have you ever walked into your first day of school feeling unprepared and friendless? That’s where I was heading into my first day of classes this semester at UT Dallas, armed with a vague idea of the kind of company I wanted to create. But I got lucky. I met Veena Somareddy, a Phd student in virtual reality (VR), in my Startup Launch class and immediately started a conversation about joining forces on an idea. Passionate as she is about VR, I could tell Veena was creative at heart with a deep desire to tell her stories and build her ideas. We shared our love of filmmaking and our goals to use the new medium of VR to create interactive engaging stories as well as design applications that can enhance people’s lives.

Cut to now. Over the past few months we’ve each been working on developing our own VR products, myself in mental health and Veena in the service sector. But we also wanted to have something we could build together. Converse VR was born out of a desire to unite the VR communities across Texas. We wanted a place where we could meet, collaborate with, and promote those who were also venturing out into content development with this nascent technology. By building that network, we could continue to create new and improved content for our audiences and grow the virtual reality industry here in Texas. 

So, why the crowdfunding campaign? You have a website and are building the community. 

Our goal with the campaign is to use the funds we raise to acquire the necessary equipment to create VR short films and news content, as well as to promote local talent. This equipment will also be a resource available to the local community. 

By supporting Converse VR, you are supporting the growth of the VR industry in Texas and two women entrepreneurs who want to use their talents to push virtual reality in ways that will entertain or improve the lives of our future customers.

If you are interested in supporting our mission, please visit our campaign by clicking here.

If you cannot contribute, we would be forever grateful if you can share with your network our website to hopefully bring more people together to start creating and building VR content!